About JV LLC “Silverleafe BMB Agro Trade Group”

As a result of purposeful activities by the companies “BMB Trade Group” and “Silverleafe International” the joint venture “Silverleafe BMB Agro Trade Group” with the participation of foreign direct investment from the United States of America was registered on May 8, 2018.

The main purpose of which is to connect into a single chain the cultivation, processing and sale of agricultural products through the use of high-tech innovations, improving the competitiveness of agricultural products in the domestic and foreign markets, the formation and development of the necessary modern infrastructure in rural areas, increasing employment and income of rural residents.

The agrocluster will carry out its activities in such areas as the cultivation of cotton and other crops, the creation of cotton processing plants, oil extraction plant, textile enterprises, modern greenhouses based on European technologies, the construction of agro-industrial logistics complex for processing, storage of fruits and vegetables and their supply abroad in high quality and optimal form, the organization of fish farms, poultry farms, workshops for the processing of cocoons of silkworm caterpillars, modern machine-tractor parks, etc.

A distinctive feature of the agrocluster will be the fact that a modern Technopark will be created on the basis of the Agrocluster, which will be scientifically focused on the cultivation and processing of agricultural products. The activities of the Technopark will be headed by the Scientific and practical Council. In the Technopark, is planned to create a center for soil analysis, plant biotechnology, and the protection, breeding and seed production of cotton, melons and vegetable crops, plant genetics, production of elite varieties of cotton seeds with application of high technologies and special laboratories in order to protect the gene pool from penetration of GMO seeds.